EXTREME MARINE SERVICES - Complete Mobile Marine Maintenance and Repair
 We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Please call for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.
  We are a full service mobile maintenance and repair with very affordable prices. We have the latest diagnostics equipment and software combined with years of hands on experience to find and repair any problems in a timely manor saving you down time and money. We know breakdowns don't just happen 8-5 Monday - Friday so we are available 7 days a week daylight till dark, There isn't any after hours charges. We are going to build our business with true customer service our goal.

  •   We use 100% Biodegradable Anti-freeze
  •   We use a synthetic blend Fogging oil
          that has no harmful effects to the environment
  •   We also are using a new fuel stabilizer that will
          virtually eliminate the harmful effects of ethanol
  •   We don't have 3 or 4 levels of winterizations, 
      I believe if it drops below 32 degrees water will  
       Freeze and things will break!1 ounce of water in 
       your lower unit could cost you $2,500 if I did the
       repair or twice that at one of my competitors 
  •  We Winterize your boat Fog it, Drain and fill block
       & manifolds after I blow compressed air through  
      the cooling system we use eco friendly anti freeze, 
      Stabilize the fuel, And drain & fill the lower unit.
  •  We do a turn key winterization all you have to do
      next spring is connect your battery add a little
      fresh fuel start your engine and enjoy the lake
    I have bought in bulk, Tuned up the Suburban, came
    up with a really neat system to cut the lower unit      
    service time down 40%. But fuel prices are killing 
    me, I wish I could do everyone for $99 but can't so
    here is my price list (For the boats at the dock if you
   call early and I can schedule 3 or 4 boats in the same
   area I will knock 10% off.)
  Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, Willard...... I/O on trailer  $99.00
    outboard on trailer   $69.00  (plus $10.00 a livewell)
  Table Rock / Branson / Bull Shoals...I/O on a lift $120
   outboard on a trailer $85.00  on a lift $95.00 (1 livewell inc.)
   Stockton / Pomm De Terre.....I/O on a lift $120  trailer  $110
   outboard on trailer $85.00  on a lift $95.00 (1 livewell inc.)
  Lake of the Ozarks..I/O $125 outboard $100 (2 livewells inc)
 Add $65.00 for 2nd I/O   $45.00 for 2nd outboard
  Fresh water holding tank & 1 sink $25.00 Add a head $20.00
 Oil & Filter change $48.00 5 qts & Fram filter inc.  $10.00
  plus filter for fuel filter change  Spark plugs $6.50 each
 If your ticket is $120.00 or above I will give you a coupon
  for $20.00 off any service next Spring.
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